What is In Store for Kitchen Trends in 2013?

The kitchen is one room of the house that has undergone an immense amount of changes over recent years. Advances in technology, changes in tastes and affordability have meant that superbly fitted kitchens are far more easily attainable – German kitchens in particular have soared in popularity. The typically no-nonsense, chic and effective approach to the kitchen has led to showrooms popping up all over the United Kingdom and they are now the choice of many for the most important room of the house. So, what is expected from this ever changing industry as we move into the New Year?

Modern Aesthetics

As anyone who has been to a German kitchen showroom or website will know, the contemporary look is one that is very sleek and defined. Elements such as steel appliances, chrome worktops and eco-friendly waste disposal are now almost compulsory. Mod-cons tend to be installed as standard, making a new fitted German kitchen as efficient as it is pleasing on the eye.

Classy Islands

As championed by all the top celebrity chef programs on the television, the island is a feature that now features prominently with a fitted kitchen. 2013 look set to continue this theme with orders already being put in for kitchens with large surface, spacious island and more storage space. This means the kitchen can be a more relaxing area for those that aren’t cooking and far more efficient for the cook.

See The Light

One of the advantages of modern fitted kitchen is that they are far more accommodating as living spaces rather than just the cooking of food. Obviously, people need to be aware of the danger of heat and water but the added space means that people can congregate far more easily. Ambient lighting can help to make this even more the case and German kitchens almost always have lamps, down lights and LED bulbs strategically placed to add a cozy but useful touch.

German Fitted Kitchens

When opting for a German fitted kitchen, perhaps the greatest advantage is that of flexibility. By going into a showroom or onto a company website, a bespoke service is nearly always available meaning that homeowners can decide upon the look they want. Extra such as lighting, worktops, cupboards and taps can then be carefully considered. 2013 is set to be another intriguing year for the modern kitchen and the German approach could well be at the heart of this yet again.

This article was written on behalf of Liebe Küchen based in London and Kent. They cater for all your German kitchen needs.

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