Wall Hung Toilets to Make Your Bathroom Look Modern and Spacious

Bathrooms are supposed to be comfortable and cozy so that they give a good feel to anyone who uses it. While remodeling the bathroom, a lot of things have to be considered, right from the comfort to the looks. Having good looks with the proper comfort is the perfect combination any modern bathroom can have.

You can make your bathroom look charming and great by having a nice toilet. Wall hung toilets are the new trend. It has been a rage in the recent years. They look great and give your bathroom a very stylish and chic look. There is a wide variety in the wall hung toilets that are available. Wall hung toilets are compact and small thus, consuming space in bathrooms with a smaller area. These are appropriate in apartment and smaller houses having smaller bathrooms.

Modern Wall Mounted Toilet By Caroma

The regular shape of toilets is oval but these wall hung toilets are also available in rectangular shape. They look great if your bathroom has a modern decor. The advantages of wall hung toilets are many. They consume less space in the bathroom. The flush tanks are concealed and thus the unnecessary space consuming stuff is removed which makes your bathroom look bigger and larger all of a sudden. Because of the concealed water tank, the noise of the flush is reduced to a great extent. Cleaning the bathroom becomes much easier. The task of cleaning a bathroom is something no one adores; especially cleaning the joints where the dirt sticks is the most annoying. Wall hung toilets are completely off the ground and hence, the floor is clear and can be cleaned easily with the help of a mop.

Although the initial investment of a wall hung toilet is more, it is great in the long term as its maintenance is easy and proves to be great in the long run. Wall hung toilets are not just a thing found in the luxurious hotels and airports now. They have found their use in bathrooms of regular homes as well. Wall hung toilets look modern, classy, stylish and chic and are definitely a head turner.

Ample Floor Area with the Contemporary Wall Hung Toilets

The wall hung toilet as the name suggests is directly attached to the wall of your bathroom. Wall Hung Toilets are the ultra-modern version of a WC and are designed intelligently to provide a spic and span and modest look to your bathroom. If you are looking forward to provide a minimalistic look to your bathroom and save space at the same time, wall hung toilets are the best bet.

Apart from providing a contemporary look to your bathroom, the compact styles of the wall hung toilets suit bathrooms of any size (from a small cloakroom to large bathroom) that comprises of only a toilet and a basin. The fact that they are not fixed to the floor by the pedestal, they provide ample height and space that leaves your bathroom with enough space to design and plan.  It eliminates the hassle you would have experienced with cleaning the standard toilet without getting space underneath.

The smart design aspect of the wall hung toilet uses a concealed cistern contained in the wall without having to lose the functionality of it. With this model, the largest portion of the design remains concealed from your sight. The tank is slim and of made of plastic material. A metal frame supports the hidden tank and fits in the cavity of the wall. It also supports the bowl that does not rest on the floor. A special fitting is provided in the wall through which the flush water exits. Instead of a flush lever, a push button is provided on a rectangular plate above the toilet on a wall.  You can remove the plate to access the tank.  Unlike the exposed tanks of a standard WC, the tanks of a wall hung toilet are quieter.

A wall hung toilet model with a soft close seat offers the consumer with a beautiful and flexible design, which can easily adapt to your bathroom. It provides a clear and an open floor area.  With a glossy white finish, the neat elegant contemporary design elevates the look of your bathroom. It is suitable for in wall and mains pressure flush.

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