Painting Kitchen Cabinets Innovatively for Individual Style


Kitchens need a little extra attention as they are a work hub and require to be painted with durable and lively colors. All the more as the surfaces in a kitchen are exposed to a lot of moisture and also daily wear and tear. Making a kitchen appear larger and cheerful is just a matter […]

5 Unique Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen


Having the right lighting in your kitchen is extremely important. You want lighting for ambiance and you want lighting to be able to prepare your meals without cutting off a finger. There are so many choices when it comes time to lighting a kitchen. You have your recessed lighting or your regular ceiling mount lights. […]

Choosing Stylish Yet Practical Kitchen Wall Tiles


One of the most interesting elements of your kitchen should be the tiling. There are so many options of wall and floor tiles available so choosing your average 4×4 ceramic tile is laziness. When selecting floor or wall tiles you need to take many different factors into consideration such as color, finish, size, material, shape […]

Adding a Sprinkle of Magic to a Small Kitchen


If you are living in a modern city apartment or perhaps in a single family suburban home, chances are, you also have to deal with a small kitchen. While you may find the limited floor space of your kitchen an inconvenience, this isn’t actually the case. Just because your kitchen is compact does not necessarily […]

Easy Ways to Brighten up Your Modern Kitchen

Kitchen design by Steve Justrich. Features a bright yellow pendant  for lighting.

You spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen so you want it to be as bright and practical as possible. If you are getting tired of the look of your kitchen with certain areas set in shadow by a badly placed overhead light, there are some easy ways to brighten things up a […]

Create A Green Modern Kitchen with Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertops


If you saw our post yesterday, 2012 alternative kitchen countertop materials, you learned about using recycled glass as a countertop. These countertops are not only beautiful but also an eco-friendly option for kitchen remodeling. Here are three beautiful kitchen countertops designed with recycled glass.

Bringing Your Kitchen Counter Tops into 2012 with Alternative Materials

Recycled Glass Kitchen Counter Tops

It’s sometimes hard to know where to start your kitchen remodeling to get the most impact fast. If you aren’t completely tearing down and remodeling, replacing countertops is a good place to start because they have high visual impact when people enter a kitchen. Using alternative materials like concrete, recycled glass, recycled aluminum and recycled […]

What the Kitchen of the Future Looks Like

Futuristic Kitchen concept from Aslihan Yilmaz

What is the height of optimism? in the spirit of optimism, let’s take a look at the potential the future kitchen holds.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Illustration:  Gregory Nemec

The kitchen is the most important part of our house and to keep it in good condition some kind of renovation is necessary from time to time. Painting kitchen cabinets is an easy home improvement with minimal costs. Most kitchen cabinets are not able to resist deterioration that passage of time brings with it and […]

Modern Kitchen Backsplashes – The Alternative to an entire Remodeling Project

A Modern Kitchen With Backsplash via Modeco Flats (

A lot of homeowners end up over thinking their new look to a kitchen. It’s a common trait that happens to almost everyone. Instead of focusing on smaller, ordinary approaches, we flock to expensive remodeling. There is no need to do this, because modern kitchen backsplashes can turn an ordinary kitchen into something beautiful. So, […]