Different Tiling Effects And Options For Bathrooms

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A bathroom often looks its best when it is, at least in part, finished with tiles. The reasons are simple: tiles allow for clean, neat finish which complements the fixtures in the room. More importantly, tiles are easy to maintain and in a room that is regularly subject to dirt, water and high temperatures, tiles […]

Bathroom Cabinets: The end of the hospital ward look is here


I’m talking bathroom cabinets. I’m sure you know what I mean – slim line Formica shell, white, well whitish – actually probably more of the smoke stained white color, cardboard thin mirror that distorts your features slightly (or is that just me and the way I actually look?), and enough space for one toothbrush, a […]

Decorate and Heat your Bathroom with Lights


During winter, the bathroom can be a very cold place and installing heat lights in the bathroom is a great way of providing additional warmth. Heat lights have been utilized in bathrooms for many years to help make the bathroom environment more comfortable all year round when getting out of the shower. They offer infrared […]

Behold The Luxury of Heated Towel Rails

Heated bathroom Towel Rails

Most of us would agree that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house and it is extremely pleasing to walk into one that is well designed, modern and attractive. The market is full of modern bathrooms and there has been a recent rise in the amount of bathroom accessories available. […]

7 Tips To Maximize Bathroom Space


If your bathroom just doesn’t feel like it has enough space for you, it’s not a hopeless cause. While expanding the actual physical space of your bathroom or putting a new bathroom in altogether may be impractical – there’s plenty of hope for any homeowner who wants to maximize the amount of space in their […]

Green Ways to Get Rid of Your Bathroom Mold


Mold in the bathroom or anywhere in the home for that matter is not only annoying; it poses a serious health risk. When it comes to the bathroom mold grows very easily and once it takes hold it grows rapidly. Allowing mold to persist is never a good idea, however, ridding it with harsh chemicals […]

Bring Billionaire Bathroom Style into your Home


As time rolls on, another room seems to be selected as the new space for the rich and famous to splash their cash and compete over who has the best – with extravagant kitchens complete with ‘smart’ fridges and sprawling granite surfaces being the center of attention a few years ago. However, bathrooms now seem […]

Wall Hung Toilets to Make Your Bathroom Look Modern and Spacious


Bathrooms are supposed to be comfortable and cozy so that they give a good feel to anyone who uses it. While remodeling the bathroom, a lot of things have to be considered, right from the comfort to the looks. Having good looks with the proper comfort is the perfect combination any modern bathroom can have. […]

Bathroom Renovation 2012

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Heading into the New Year, it’s important to have a focus or goal that you wish achieve throughout the upcoming months. Many people choose to set personal goals concerning bad habits or physical health, quitting smoking and taking out a membership at their local gym. Another great way of bringing in the New Year’s benefits […]

Glass Furniture In The Bathroom? Pros and Cons


Glass counter-tops can add beauty and elegance wherever they’re used, but when it comes to glass surfaces in the bathroom, you might not think about glass much beyond the bathroom mirror. Yet a glass top on the bathroom vanity can brighten up the bathroom considerably, adding sparkle and sophistication to an otherwise boring room. Of […]