Control Termites Using Eco-Friendly Methods

eco termite control

The termite is one of the most destructive pests around. Termites are truly dreaded by homeowners, and the presence of such insects in or around a property can easily lower the value of that area. A colony living in your property can slowly eat through your house and cause structural damage that will cost you […]

Eco-Friendly Appliances: Should You Go Green?


By Katie Kretschmer for Home Rehab Online Today’s home appliances are light years better than those of just a decade ago. Their superb energy-efficiency helps you create an eco-friendly home — and they also save you money. Many appliance manufacturers have partnered with the federal government in the Energy Star program, which makes it easy […]

Top 5 Green Building Materials

green building

People are more environmentally conscious today than in any other point in human history. This “green” mentality extends to the food we eat, energy we consume and even the materials we build with. With that in mind, let’s break down the top 5 eco-friendly building materials available today. Sustainably Harvested Hardwood Hardwood is a popular […]

Green Ways to Get Rid of Your Bathroom Mold


Mold in the bathroom or anywhere in the home for that matter is not only annoying; it poses a serious health risk. When it comes to the bathroom mold grows very easily and once it takes hold it grows rapidly. Allowing mold to persist is never a good idea, however, ridding it with harsh chemicals […]

Five Reasons Your Home’s New Favorite Color May Be Green


The benefits to “going green” are being recognized around the world. New, less expensive technology is being adopted in the marketplace, and now homeowners are adopting the green initiative more than ever before. Not only do “green” homes help the environment, but they also save homeowners money on monthly expenses for years to come, making […]

Eight Ways to Build a Green Home

Eco-Friendly Single Family Residence by AKA Architetti

In today’s world of rising energy costs, sustainable construction practices are a good way to keep those costs low while reducing your environmental impact. Although many homeowners may want to utilize green building practices, the fact is most do not know where to get started. In order to facilitate that process, here are eight environmentally […]

4 Green Ways to Modernize Your Home


Modernizing your home is one thing. But what about bringing it fully up to date so it looks great and is eco-friendly too? If you want some inspiration check out the following list of things you can do to improve the look of your home and go green at the same time. #1: repaint with […]

How to Green Your Living Room

Photo: courtesy Richard Byrd

Green living is not only trendy, it’s essential to helping preserve our planet. It’s a great idea to look inside your home and try to make changes that will result in more eco-friendly living. If your entire house seems like too monumental a task, try to green one room at a time. Here are some […]

What Makes Bamboo Such an Attractive Flooring Option?

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring is a popular choice for home and business owners. Although bamboo is commonly associated with tropical climates and panda bears, it is also an appropriate material for constructing buildings — and it offers several advantages as a flooring material. Bamboo flooring has an attractive appearance, ant it is environmentally friendly to grow and […]

Going Green: How to Create an Eco Friendly Home

Modern Affordable Eco-Friendly Home by Case Architects

Going green at home is easier than you think! To begin with use any energy calculator to get an idea of how much your present energy consumption is and how much saving you can make by implementing few minor changes in your energy usage, these calculators are available for free on many websites. How to […]