The Workbench Life: How to Turn a Closet into an Office


By Fred Albert for The Workbench Life With more and more people working from home, the need for a home office is greater than ever. But what if you don’t have a spare room you can dedicate to the task? Consider turning an underused closet into a home office. Turning a closet into an office […]

How to Create the Perfect Home Office


Many workers are now flexible working between office and home, or working completely from home. If you work from home either part time or full time, a home office space is a really important space because it will be where you spend a lot of time during the day and perhaps during the evening.  Here […]

Office Design – A Question of Taste or Budget?

office design

Nothing says your business has arrived, like having offices in a popular business location in a state of the art building, but many businesses are not all that they appear. The use of managed or serviced offices is on the increase because of the image they portray, which is not that of a fledgling business […]

Tips for Incorporating a Home Office into a Dining Room


The traditional belief is that a home is a home and not a place for work. But once you get into the idea of working from home, you’ll realize that there is such a thing as a home office. One of the challenges that most people encounter when working from home is the lack of […]

Extreme Makeover Home Office Edition


I love working from home, but if anyone thinks paying the bills by working in a home office is easy, they should think again. There is nothing easy about earning a living by generating your own leads with customers who do not know you. When I worked for a corporation, I knew what I was […]