How to Make a Man-Cave

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Help for the Needy Are you a man who is in desperate need of a man cave?  Do you have a place in your home that you can call your own?  If you aren’t even offered the amenities of a peaceful bathroom experience, then you are in the same boat that I was once in. […]

DIY Home Décor : 10 Things Every Man Cave Needs

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By Kelly Thore for Home Rehab Online   Any true man cave should be suitable for a king. But what are the essential elements of the most tricked-out guy space? Betsy Helmuth, a New York City-based interior designer and owner of Affordable Interior Design, shares her pro tips and finds. 1. Comfortable Seating Hunt for […]

Three Simple Features Found in the Best Man Caves Around


If you’re a working class guy who’s putting in a forty hour workweek and have been spending your money frugally, you’ll likely find that you’re life has turned into all work and no play. While men and women across America have become more fiscally responsible as a response to the current economy, an overemphasis on […]

How To Create a Bathroom for the Man of the House


The Ins and Outs of Creating a Man’s Bathroom A bathroom is usually associated with being a sanctuary of sorts. That is why for women, it may mean decorating in scented candles, flowers and pastel colors. However, just because it is referred to as the “powder room”, the bathroom does not have to be feminine. […]