10 ways to make an eco-friendly apartment

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You don’t have to have a home to live a green lifestyle. Apartment dwellers can be eco-friendly, too! Here are 10 easy ways to save energy, reduce your carbon footprint and live a green life while you’re in an apartment. Put weather stripping around your doors and windows. Many apartments have cracks or spaces in […]

How To Creatively Decorate a Small Studio Apartment

decorating a studio

Although it may appear that a studio apartment is hard to furnish and decorate, this is a myth. A small apartment or studio can easily be decorated provided you get a little creative with your ideas and perform a few subtle tricks. Many designers and stylists know just the right touch to create an illusion […]

The 5 Best Design, Storage and Decorating tips for Teeny Tiny Homes and Apartments


People often hold off on serious home decor until they move into their dream house – a house that’s big, spacious, functional, and possesses an infinite range of possibilities for its decoration. But due to a bad economy, postponing marriage and family or a general reluctance to move out of the city and settle in […]

Innovative Storage and Organization Ideas for Small Spaces


We all have them in our homes, our offices, our apartments: small spaces. Those small spaces that are in fact so small that we just don’t know quite what to do with them or how to optimally use them. Fear not, fellow small spacers, I’m here to help you with some ideas for organizing and […]

10 Ways To Make More Space in Your Home

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Space is at a premium everywhere these days and if you want to have a roomy abode then, generally, you’re going to have to pay for it through the nose. However, whilst you might not be able to afford a place of penthouse-sized proportions, that doesn’t mean you can’t create more space than you currently […]

5 Tips For Decorating Your Apartment On A Budget


Renting an apartment can be expensive. The cost of rent plus utilities can easily surpass $1,000 depending on where you live. It can leave little money left over for decorating and furnishing your apartment. What are some ways you can make your apartment feel more like home when you are on a budget? 1. Frame […]

Small Room, Big Space; Easy Ways to Make Your Room Appear Larger

Have a small living room that feels cramped? These tips will help you make your room feel larger than it really is!

Space Saving Tips for Rooms

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DIY tips for creating more space within your home.