A collection of modern interior decorating ideas (with photos) and tips for creating a beautiful home.

A Guide to Paint Finishes: From Flat to Fabulously Glossy

paint type

Flat, eggshell, satin, gloss: When it comes to interior décor, there are a lot of confusing terms, but at least the names for paint finishes are fairly straightforward. Even the most novice painter can guess what’s what. Flat (or matte) is a smooth surface without luster. Eggshell resembles its namesake. Satin has a subtle sheen […]

Curtains Vs Blinds: Which is the Better Option


Whether decorating or adding commodities that will improve home functions, there is a prominent topic that emerges from time to time: Which is better curtains or blinds?   Before, curtains were considered as primary choices for any home because of their versatility and functionality. In the end, it all boils down to which one is […]

10 ways to make an eco-friendly apartment

Image Via Green Living

You don’t have to have a home to live a green lifestyle. Apartment dwellers can be eco-friendly, too! Here are 10 easy ways to save energy, reduce your carbon footprint and live a green life while you’re in an apartment. Put weather stripping around your doors and windows. Many apartments have cracks or spaces in […]

Decorating Inspiration: 5 Easy Holiday Centerpieces


By Allison Lind for Home Rehab Online When you’re hosting for the holidays, it’s your time to shine. The perfect way to show off your hostess-with-the-mostest prowess is by placing an “I-would-never-have-thought-of-that” stunner atop your table or in your entryway. Check out our five holiday centerpiece ideas for some decorating inspiration. They may move you […]

New Uses for Old Things: 10 Ways to Repurpose Old Items


By Allison Lind for Home Rehab Online Our landfills are growing by the second — but there’s plenty that we can do to help, while also adding some extra functionality or style in our homes! Find decorating inspiration in these five unique ways to reuse items you already have. Mother Nature will be pleased. Bottle […]

Repurpose Your Old Items To Make Quirky Furniture And Decorations For Your Home


Decorating our property is a chance for us to show off our personality, and to demonstrate just how creative, how resourceful and how stylish we are to our visitors. This should be an outward expression of who we are and our personalities and it should be a form of expression that allows guests to instantly […]

How To Creatively Decorate a Small Studio Apartment

decorating a studio

Although it may appear that a studio apartment is hard to furnish and decorate, this is a myth. A small apartment or studio can easily be decorated provided you get a little creative with your ideas and perform a few subtle tricks. Many designers and stylists know just the right touch to create an illusion […]

Interior Design Tips For Christmas

modern christmas decorating

Whether you like a traditional Christmas with all the family crowding round an open fire munching mince pies, or you just like to open presents and then act like it’s any other day, the interior design tips in this guide will be sure to have those around you complementing your stunning interior design finesse. Get […]

Six Cheap Ways To Revamp A Dull Room


One rather unfortunate aspect of home improvement is that it’s rarely a cheap endeavor. And with the current economic climate continuing to throw tantrums, this is a serious problem for most homeowners looking to spruce up their home. Should you find yourself with more home improvement dreams than you have cash, it’s not exactly a […]

Infuse Your Home with Asian Design Elements

Asian themes

Design trends come and go, and most eventually are viewed as a fad. Natural themes, however, often stick around, and Asian design elements are often based on nature. Further, Asian design themes are uncommon in the West, and a home that embraces these design elements will stand out. Here are a few ideas for infusing […]