Living Large, Not Anymore: The Benefits of a Small Home

small modern homes designs

In the last 20 years we have seen an amazing race to own the biggest and best home in the neighborhood. The housing boom of the last decade is a perfect example of just how important super sized homes have become. Now in the aftermath of the largest real estate collapse of our lives, maybe […]

Organizations that Regulate the Green Building Industry


With the green movement in full effect in the home improvement and building industries, many people are going green without fully understanding the environmentally friendly rules and regulations that are out there. With that in mind, let’s go over a few of the organizations (both government and private) that regulate the standards of what is […]

Top 5: Eco-Friendly Building Designs In The Southern Hemisphere

CH2, Australia

In general, the biggest technological advancements of recent times are on show in the Northern Hemisphere. What are the five best examples of modern, eco-friendly building design and architecture throughout the Southern Hemisphere, which do not get the same exposure and publicity as their counterparts? CH2, Australia This building was the first in the country […]

15 Brilliant Examples of Unusual Building Architecture

Lake Point Tower Image Via Emporis

Some of the best building architecture in the world combines brilliant design with truly unusual features. These features might range from an innovative use of space and materials, through to a bold interpretation of a design brief. While it is difficult to pin down the best examples of unusual building architecture in the world, the […]

The World’s Most Influential, Inspiring and Astonishing Structures


Transcending Boundaries Cable structures have become a major part of the construction industry over the past two decades. Whether it be for building major bridges, sports stadiums or office blocks, these stunning structures have created both notable talking points and focal points of a building, as well as being crucial aspects of the buildings construction […]

Unique Home Additions: The Increasing Popularity of Doomsday Bunkers

Deep beneath ground, luxury homes are being built to service anxious people preparing for doomsday. Picture: Courtesy of Larry Hall

With the seemingly constant threat of terrorist action, gang activity that spreads into the suburbs like a virus and a slowly improving economy; it’s enough to make anyone at least a little nervous. While most people choose to move about their day and hope nothing terrible happens, others are steadily working to make sure their […]

Key New Architecture Designs For 2012


The most exciting innovations in the field of architecture center around membrane and high impact tensile structures.  What Makes Them So Innovative? Modern architectural elements expand the boundary of function and form and deliver an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Innovative design and implementation of membrane structures create an attractive focal point for a range of venues […]

The Most Bizarre Houses in the World


You’ve probably seen lists featuring the largest or most expensive homes in the world but have you ever wondered what were the strangest or most unusual homes ever built? Of course, you have. That’s why you’re reading this. Well, let’s take a look at some of the most creative or insane home designs you’ll find […]

Modern Architecture Trends: Why Adventurous Architects Choose EFTE Roofing


EFTE roofing is becoming more widely used by architects across the globe in modern building. What it does Ethylene-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (EFTE) offers amazing levels of potential and is becoming an extremely popular product in design and architecture.  EFTE is widely used as an alternative to glass roofing due to its non-adhesive and high light transmission levels.  […]

Eight Ways to Build a Green Home

Eco-Friendly Single Family Residence by AKA Architetti

In today’s world of rising energy costs, sustainable construction practices are a good way to keep those costs low while reducing your environmental impact. Although many homeowners may want to utilize green building practices, the fact is most do not know where to get started. In order to facilitate that process, here are eight environmentally […]