Latest bathroom trends for 2012

modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms are today’s favored personal spaces. It is one space in which the individual can soak in luxurious and refreshing indulgence. So, they are in the news and unsurprisingly, many style trends compete with each other in 2012. The color white Bathroom tiled flooring and side walls above shoulder height are best in gleaming […]

How To Create a Bathroom for the Man of the House


The Ins and Outs of Creating a Man’s Bathroom A bathroom is usually associated with being a sanctuary of sorts. That is why for women, it may mean decorating in scented candles, flowers and pastel colors. However, just because it is referred to as the “powder room”, the bathroom does not have to be feminine. […]

Inspirational Bathroom Designs from Around the World


Modern bathrooms are places to relax and pamper as well as to wash. With various different styles of bathroom, from sleek and contemporary to traditional and those drawing inspiration from different cultures, the style of the bathroom can create a unique and luxurious ambiance that makes bathing and grooming an indulgent experience. Here are six […]

10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive Than it Really Is

Photo by ryarwood

Bathroom renovations, as with most things today, can cost the earth when we consider the prices for tiling, plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories and more. Every single item has a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and materials to select from. There was a time when bathroom taps were just that, a simple fixture you turned […]

4 Inspiring Luxury Modern Bathroom Designs

Spacious Kaldewei Bathroom Design and Wood Flooring

With the bathroom being the smallest room in the home, designing can be a bit harder as you’re working with minimal space. Regardless of the actual footage you can create a luxury modern bathroom with a bit of creativity. Using multiple materials for the walls and flooring can make the bathroom appear larger, so even […]

Wall Hung Toilets to Make Your Bathroom Look Modern and Spacious


Bathrooms are supposed to be comfortable and cozy so that they give a good feel to anyone who uses it. While remodeling the bathroom, a lot of things have to be considered, right from the comfort to the looks. Having good looks with the proper comfort is the perfect combination any modern bathroom can have. […]

Unusual Armchair-Inspired Bathtub Design By Studio Thol

foto Johannes van Assem

How relaxing are modern day bathtubs? Normally not as relaxing as we would like them to be after a long day. Designer Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol decided to take a different approach to bathtub design and created an unusual, yet creative armchair bathtub design. A bathtub that allows the entire body to stretch out […]

Luxury Modern Bathroom Idea from Jacuzzi


A luxury bathroom idea by Jacuzzi featuring a rectangular shaped sink and tub. Urban colors of red, black and olive set this modern bathroom apart from the rest.

Bathroom Renovation 2012

Image via MDM Custom Remodeling Inc

Heading into the New Year, it’s important to have a focus or goal that you wish achieve throughout the upcoming months. Many people choose to set personal goals concerning bad habits or physical health, quitting smoking and taking out a membership at their local gym. Another great way of bringing in the New Year’s benefits […]

Glass Furniture In The Bathroom? Pros and Cons


Glass counter-tops can add beauty and elegance wherever they’re used, but when it comes to glass surfaces in the bathroom, you might not think about glass much beyond the bathroom mirror. Yet a glass top on the bathroom vanity can brighten up the bathroom considerably, adding sparkle and sophistication to an otherwise boring room. Of […]