Small Homes and Architectural Gems- How Expert Removers Can Help

Moving is a very stressful time for people and leaving and moving to a new one is a time of mixed emotions. Many people these days are choosing smaller homes as a first time buy or downsizing for financial reasons, retirement, single living or for the chance to live in an unusual architectural gem. Smaller houses are affordable and living in the right-sized home can save on bills and afford you a more comfortable lifestyle.

Your smaller home is likely to be easier to finance and purchase and the market place is full of some very special smaller properties. When looking at properties and deciding which one is right for you, consider the space and storage area you will have, as it can be a challenge to fit in furniture and have enough space for storage without cluttering the home. Ensure that the smaller home will fulfill your current needs and future needs.

Once the purchase is underway and you are thinking about moving day, you will be surprised at how many possessions and furniture you have. Now is the time to consider what will be taken to the new house and what will be discarded or stored. For example, your sofa sets and chairs may fit your current large room but will fill up the sitting room at the new house so it is time to decide what to do with this furniture and any other furniture that just will not fit the new space.

Before moving, de-clutter your existing home. Sort through all belongings and discard clothes, bed linen, towels, kitchen ware, and excess items that will not be needed in the new home. If you are moving to a character property with low ceilings or unusual architectural features, make sure any stand-alone cupboards or closets will fit within the ceiling height limits.

If you are unsure of how furniture will fit into your new space, professional movers will be happy to assist you and will take the stress and worry out of moving. Not only will they tell you if they can fit particular pieces of furniture into a particular space but they have many expert methods of fitting and moving things into the tiniest and most awkward of spaces. They will also advise you on the best method to pack your belongings and pack for you as part of the service. This will give you great peace of mind knowing there will be no surprises when the removal truck arrives at your new front door.

In your new home, the movers can find just the right place for your furniture and will help you decide where to store things, if needed, until you are ready to unpack. Making the most of the space available is the key to smaller home living and attention to detail before and during the moving process will ensure a trouble free move with your possessions and furniture delivered safe and sound.

It is challenging when moving into an unusually designed or small property but with the benefit of expert advice from your local movers, you may be surprised how much you can fit in to your new home – hassle free.

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