Quirky Interior Design: Adding Some Fun to Your Floor

Carpet and rug shopping isn’t exactly up there on people’s top days out. But much like other elements of interior designs, there are loads of fun and funky rug options out there. Here are just a few of the weird and wonderful ways that you can add some fun to your floor, from fried eggs to Pac Man mats.

The Fried Egg Rug

Here is a rug which really commits to the world of contemporary design by representing a giant double-yolk fried egg! Not so much funky as dunky, this rug designed by Valentina Audrito is a deluxe, shag design with a comfortable and cozy feel to go with its bizarre aesthetics. The two yolks are actually leather pillows so you can enjoy life in your living room sunny-side-up.

The Global Warming Rug

Ever sat down in your living and thought to yourself ‘My rug doesn’t make enough of a worldly statement’? Well, not to worry as this global-warming-themed rug can solve those everyday dilemmas. Originally shown at the 2008 International Furniture Festival in Spain, the rug was designed by Nanimaquina and the Mexican design collective (NEL). Depicting a vast blue sea with a lonely iceberg and polar bear companion, this rug cleverly combines comfort with question.

The Pac Man Rug

This rug is the perfect way to relive a 70s retro past as it pays homage to the classic video game Pac Man. Designed by Swedish design firm Our Children’s Gorilla, this funky rug is a whopping 7ftx10ft and displays the classic Pac Man maze image in all its glory.

The Built-in Slipper Rug

Are you one of those people who are continuously hunting high and low through the house because you’ve misplaced your slippers? This cheeky rug design actually has an inbuilt pair of slippers so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that your cosy slippers are waiting for you right next to the bed when you wake up.

The Glowing Rug

This rug really has to be one of the most intelligent pieces of floor furniture out there. Also known as an ‘electroluminescent’ rug, this creation uses touch-sensitive technology which will illuminate the shape of feet whenever it is trodden on. Designed by two engineering students at London South Bank University this rug brings interior design right into the 21st century.

Does your home include innovative furniture or fun and funky rugs? If you can top this lot, we’d love to hear about it!

Sam Hudson is a blogger, freelance writer and musician based in northern England. His work is published on a number of websites and he enjoys writing on a variety of topics, from lifestyle to interior design.

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