How to Polish Corian Countertops

If you own corian countertops, we understand the need to keep them looking immaculate. This high-end product is easy to clean, but there are times when a good polish is needed. It’s important to learn how to polish corian countertops the right way, or you could end up damaging it.

Figuring out how to polish corian countertops on your own can be a frustrating event. Use the steps below to make it easier:

#1 The Prep Work

Anytime you want to polish corian countertops, it’s important to do all the prep work first. There will be extensive sanding that takes place. The grit does not to be course. In fact, a light sanding with fine paper is the most common approach. Once you’re finished sanding, the countertop will need to be cleaned.

Make sure all particles have been removed from the countertop. If you miss one and the finish goes down, the countertop will feel bumpy in certain areas.

#2 Use the Polisher for a Light Cleaning

Sometimes sanding particles can get stuck on the countertop. If you really want to know how to polish corian countertops, start with a low speed polishing. Take a little bit of cleaner and add it to the pad. This is much more effective then trying to do it with a rag.

You will be able to get deep within the surface of the countertop. Plus, the application will be even. When you’re cleaning the surface, it’s a good idea to use light pressure. Those that use too much pressure can end up creating dips and dents in the countertop.

When the cleaning application is complete, the surface will have to be completely dry before moving onto the next step.

#3 Grab a New Pad and Start Polishing

One benefit of knowing how to polish corian countertops is using a clean pad for any polishing. We’ve heard horror stories about people using their cleaning pad to apply the polish. The contrast in chemicals can create a dull finish. It can also leave the polish looking dirty.

The best thing to do is grab a clean polishing pad and add a generous amount of polish to it. Make sure the polish is supposed to be used on corian countertops before applying it.

Once you get started, use a circular motion to apply the polish. This should be done at a slow pace. It will allow you to cover the countertop evenly, and you won’t run the risk of missing an area altogether. Most people find a slight overlap to be the most effective approach.

#4 Applying more Polish

Eventually you will notice the countertop is not getting enough polish. You can add more the existing pad, or you can use a new pad for the next section. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the polish is spread out evenly. If it’s not, you will able to tell after a sealer has been applied.

#5 The Sealer

Even though these are tips about how to polish corian countertops, we have a tip about the sealer. Don’t apply the sealer until you have wiped off any excess polish.

By following each one of these how to polish corian countertops steps, we know you will have a beautiful looking countertop for everyone to see.

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